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Information and telecommunication system security and safety


The CYTHRES Research Group focuses on the safety of cyberspace. Its activities focus primarily on the technological aspects of cyberspace (facilities, protocols, etc.), with further relations to social aspects and legal issues.

Schéma návrhu monitorovacího systému při využití výsledného algoritmu pro zkoumání zájmového jevu v prostředí sociální sítě Facebook.

Scheme of the design of the monitoring system using the resulting algorithm to examine the person of interest in a social network environment.

Schéma procesu geolokace IP adresy

Diagram of the IP address geolocation proces

Schéma systému pro detekci internetové kriminality

Scheme of the Internet Crime Detection Systém

Vizualizační portál pro zobrazení dat ze senzorické sítě

Visualization portal for displaying data from the sensor network

The CYTHRES Group is currently working on projects that can also form the basis for collaborating with other research institutions or businesses at national and international level.

  • Galeo is a highly efficient software for geolocation. You can use it to determine the geographic location of an IP address using the classic ping and traceroute tools
  • Bobo is a platform to run and support distributed crawlers or virtual entities, allowing any number of independent crawlers to run or manage an unlimited number of virtual entities.
The area of interest of the CYTHRES group is complemented by student projects in domains of cyberspace security and related topics, where students either form ad hoc research teams led by an experienced pedagogue or are integrated into CYTHRES research projects.


  • Hacking: The aim of the project is to analyze the topology of networks and their security audit. Within the project, students will familiarize themselves with techniques for penetration into secure networks and will be familiar with relevant defense elements.
  • Mobilní aplikace:The aim of the project is to analyze the security of mobile applications and the smart mobile carrier’s own operating system. The primary platform is Android.


  • Information and IT network security: merging and continuing bachelor projects (see above)