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Critical infrastructure security and safety

The BEZKRIT research team focuses on securing the safety and sustainable development of territories, important buildings and infrastructures in a way to solve specific problems in real conditions. The aim of the research is to use methods for safe systems and their safe surroundings, ie safe territory, secure community, secure objects, secure infrastructures and other selected devices. Systematically identify the phenomena that affect the health, social, economic, technical and other problems in the human system and document their impact.

Managing modes are sought to ensure an acceptable level of security of the systems studied, ways of engineering solutions and their implementation under realistic practice conditions. Everything is based on pre-emptive and real-time risk trade-off, ie on the application of exact methods and tools to create prognostic scenarios of possible future development to ensure the application of a proactive management approach and the timely resolution of critical issues under realistic conditions while applying current knowledge and approaches Good engineering practice.

Research projects on which the group participated or participated:

Organizace na místě zásahu při kritické situaci

Organization at the scene of an emergency

Schéma činnosti a spolupráce krizového štábu při nouzovém zásobování vodou

Scheme of activities and cooperation of the crisis staff in emergency water supply

Security Management and Protection of Critical Objects and Critical Infrastructures

The creation of a database of infrastructure failures of 5 articles in the Czech Republic, 5 articles abroad
D. Prochazkova: Safety of complex technological facilities. ISBN: 978-3-659-74632-1. Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbruecken 2015, 244p. ID: 200303845
D. Procházková: Security of complex technological systems. ISBN: 978-80-01-05771-1. Prague: CTU 2015,208p.
D. Procházková, J. Procházka: Data and their Processing for Engineering Disciplines – Ready for Printing

RPM1 – Data and their processing for engineering disciplines

Book “D. Procházková, J. Procházka: Data and their Processing for Engineering Disciplines “- prepared for printing

RPM2 – Quantum physics and optoelectronics

Book “J. Procházka: Introduction to Optoelectronics “- 1 review report delivered, second one in