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Legal aspects of security and safety


Fundamentals of Law

Objective of the course: Orientation in the legal order of the Czech Republic and basic principles of EC law.

Course contents: Selected chapters from public and private law and European law. Basic orientation in the Czech legal order. Learning outcomes of the course unit The main aim of the course is to make students familiar with the legal system of the Czech Republic, individual forms of law and system of law, including the adoption of fundamental principles of European Community law.

Law in Transportation and IT

Objective of the course – learning outcomes and competences: Basic knowledge of law in transport and information technologies

Course contents: Analysis of selected laws in transport (eg the Road Act, Road Transport Act, Civil Aviation Act, Railways Act, Inland navigation), sanctions for breach of duty, selected traffic offenses, EC traffic law. IT Law – Selected Laws (eg Copyright Act, Civil Code, Electronic Communications Act, Act on Some Information Society Services, Personal Data Protection Act, Criminal Code).

Criminal Law in IT and Transportation

Objective of the course – learning outcomes and competences: Obtaining basic knowledge of criminal law in IT and transport

Course contents: Place of criminal law in the legal system, concept of criminality and crime, continuity with other laws (Copyright Act, Civil Code, Electronic Communications Laws And some information society services, the Road Traffic Act, etc.). International treaties and relationship to the Criminal Code. Procedure of bodies involved in criminal proceedings, guilt and punishment. Specifics of criminal proceedings. Practice examples (participation in court proceedings).

Creation of legal and technical regulations

Objective of the course – learning outcomes and competences.

Course contents Creation of legislation, structure of legislation, legislative process, compatibility with EC law, creation of technical standards and their issue, ÚNMZ, organization CEN, CENELEC and ETSI, the notification process.

Management and development of human resources

Objective of the course: Successful management of staff, principles of dealing with people, personality development, stress management.

Course contents: Overview of personnel issues. Introduction to personnel management, human resources management, corporate goals, strategies and cultural and ethical aspects. Leadership of working teams; Communication in teams, planning and strategy of human resources, humanistic ethics and corporate culture, transcultural differences. Labour Code. Fundamentals of the protocol.

Negotiation and cooperation

Objective of the course: Obtaining communication skills and knowledge from the field of negotiation as one of the basic prerequisites for the work of crisis teams. An integral part of experience pedagogy methods, feedback-based training, and ongoing evaluation of strong and weak work in dyad and team.

Course contents: Principles of negotiation behavior. The influence of personality traits on negotiation. Negotiation and ordering. Teamwork. Variants of teams. Informal and formal role in the team. Principles of negotiation, the nature of bargaining, differences in business negotiation and crisis situations, the principle of “winning both”, specifications and tenders, the role of trust.

The Law of Electronic Communications of the EU and the Czech Republic – (2012)

Course objective: An overview of the principles of electronic communications law and its implementation in Czech and European conditions.

Course contents: Design of “telecommunication law” “and related legislation of the Czech Republic, including the legal framework of electronic communication networks and services and associated facilities of the European Union. Law on Information Society Services. The Act on Public Administration Information Systems and other laws

Criminal Offenses and Transgressions in Transport

In connection with the adoption of the amendment to the Act on Road Traffic, there have been some amendments to the Criminal Code aimed at stricter punishment of unruly drivers and thus increasing safety on Czech Roads. The project should focus on selected offenses related to motor vehicle driving (such as driving without driving license, driving under the influence of addictive substance, injury to health, general threats, etc.), to compare their facts, the amount of punishment, and the comparison of misdemeanors Against the safety and fluency of road traffic including sanctions imposed. The project will also include analysis and comparison of Czech criminal legislation with foreign adjustments.

Advanced Technologies and Laws

In connection with the introduction of new automated technologies in transport and information processing, unusual views are also made of the cases where the technology has an unforeseen function to cause damage (accidents) for which a person is responsible under the law (eg driver in the case of an automatic And the rear axle of the vehicle). The study of such cases together with proposals for solutions or a deeper analysis of the causes and consequences is the subject of this project.