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Social aspects of security and safety

The Resarch Group Force responds with its security research activities to the current security issues and requirements of the European Union. The strategy of the research team is based on the concepts of “global governance”, ie the involvement of diverse security actors in addressing global security issues. We participate in the cooperation of non-governmental organizations, states and international organizations in the development of global security policy. Project intentions and solved projects are established especially in the field of outsourcing of internal security problems and internalization of external security issues, whose solution requires almost unconditional international and interdisciplinary cooperation of the involved actors.

The subject of the research team’s interests is currently specific social phenomena and processes that are related to existing or emerging security threats. The unique interdisciplinary overlap of the Institute is being used to solve relevant research questions. The successful interconnection of methodological approaches to sociology and information technologies has made it possible to focus research primarily on the environment of cyberspace and especially on social networks. The know-how gained in successfully solving the RADIKAL, ISDEP and TRANSVERSAL BRIDGES security projects qualifies the group as a top and desirable partner for European consortium projects focusing on interdisciplinary aspects within the security challenges of Horizon 2020 and special grants from DG HOME and DG JUSTICE.   The research group offers students as part of the student project the opportunity to engage in exploring selected issues in cyberspace so that they contribute to their complex solution through the broad interdisciplinary possibilities of the Institute. Students have the opportunity to enrich existing methodological skills on social science research methods