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Improving Security by Democratic Participation – ISDEP

isdepISDEP aims to develop training resources and create training hubs in each partner member state to equip front line practitioners within institutions whose staff are more susceptible to encounter the first signs of violent extremism and terrorist radicalization. The training resources developed in this area will be aimed at practitioners within 4 different key work sector areas:


  • Non government Organisations/Voluntary sector,
  • Education,
  • Prisons/Probation
  • Law Enforcement Agencies.

ISDEP will:

  • provide EU wide leadership in sharing effective and consistent tactics to combat all forms of radicalization through engagement strategies with communities and key stakeholders, which do not exclude specific communities
  • Demonstrate effective civil society and community engagement, providing understanding of the vulnerabilities and drivers that lead to extremism
  • Foster and enhance communication between key stakeholder agencies and communities leading to continuous improvement and strengthening of counter radicalization measures
  • Strengthen and enhance existing networks to implement proactive engagement activities for information sharing and the promotion of good practice
  • Collate existing research / analysis about radicalization to share current practices and improve performance by developing further tools and resources.

Project partners: