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TRANSRAD – Transversal Bridges, Counter-Radicalisation

Transversal_BridgesTRANSRAD is a project co-financed by the DG Home affairs aiming to detect and profile an emerging threat within transversal European radical groups and raise awareness of institutional bodies and civil society at large on the risks potentially connected to these radical bridges. This project wants to provide a new analytical grid and tools to design in the future a strategic approach to pursue, prevent, protect and prepare to counter these new emerging threat by involving agencies usually non specialized in security issues.

The project will carry on a research activity in order to gather primary and secondary data about radicalization case studies for the movements involved in Southern European Countries, with specific focus on Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus & their ties with radical movements in Northern & Western Europe, including Switzerland. This activity will study sources from academic literature, police interviews reports, court proceedings, prison records and reports, intelligence agency reports, government balances, and other open sources about specific cases, in order to build a preliminary picture of the current situation throughout Member States with regards to the “transversal platform”, the connections among the different groups/individuals/narratives. Furthermore, the project will organize regional meetings, in form of panels, to debate, analyze and integrate the preliminary results of the research activity. The preliminary threat analysis will facilitate discussions with senior policy-makers, security personnel and NGOs to profile the threat.

Project partners:

Centric, Sheffield Hallam University, GB  http://research.shu.ac.uk/centric/#1
AGENFOR ITALlA, Italy  http://www.agenformedia.com/
Guardia Civil, Spain  http://www.guardiacivil.es/es/index.html
European Institute – Bulgaria  http://www.europeaninstitute.net/index-1.html
Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy  http://www.eliamep.gr/en/